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The Enigma of Autism

autism_ribbonI recently went with my husband to meet one of his clients who was looking to have some woodwork done in his home. When we arrived at the residence, we were greeted by a gregarious, sweet, and quite bouncy child who was very excited to see us. She danced around and tugged at our shirts and our arms, and would then abruptly run away to the living room to watch a bit of television or climb on a bookcase. She was to-die-for adorable. Patrick and I both commented on the luminescence this young girl seemed to radiate constantly and we wistfully joked about taking her home with us. At some point, her father mentioned that she was autistic. >>>Click here to read full article


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Homophobic Homicide

angiezapata This beautiful girl was killed at 18 years old. Her name was Angie Zapata. She was described as outgoing and vibrant; she had dreams to be a cosmetologist and had aspirations to be a beauty queen. The killer was 32 years old. She met him on a cell phone social network. They hit it off and he started dating her. One day, he became enraged with her and beat her first with his fists, then with a fire extinguisher. When he was getting ready to make his escape, he heard her gurgling and saw her attempting to sit up, so he smashed her head in one last time with the fire extinguisher. He then stole her car, her purse, her phone and her credit cards. He was later arrested by police when he was found inside of her stolen car. Before I continue, does this seem like a forgivable act? Does it seem as though he wanted her dead? Does the murder of this beautiful girl seem deliberate? Right now are you asking yourself, “What did she do to deserve this?” or are you asking yourself, “How could someone be so brutal and care so little for human life?”  >>>Click here to read the full article


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Oppression is the New Pink!

stylebound12I have recently found myself lazily perusing the reality shows and easy-to-digest gossip news channels, as I have been trying to limit my intake of negative programming. This has been an attempt on my part to exist more peacefully in a world filled with conflict and chaos. I do realize that, though enjoyable, the fashion and makeover shows promote self-hatred and are innately offensive to any self-respecting feminist and/or non-conformist, but I attempt to ignore the blatant oppression of individualism and check out the snazzy outfits. Unfortunately, the harassment of independent women is not always limited to hair and makeup on these shows… even more unfortunate is the fact that real people endure severe humiliation and degradation for the sake of these little-to-no-ratings 30-minute vomit stains.  >>>Click here to read full article

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Whatever Happened To The Pink Floyd Sound?


The “wall” between Waters and his band mates caused a rift, there is no doubt. Waters was a solitary creature whose obsession with his music created a barrier between himself and those who could not share in his madness. But, in Water’s opinion, his band mates never fully appreciated his dedication to the social commentary he felt was so essential to his art. They never comprehended the imperative nature of the questions he felt were mandatory to ask society. He created masterpieces in his secluded whirlwind of lust for the truth as he saw it. Was he misunderstood? Was the band hastily pushing him out to make way for their self interest, instead of taking the time to appreciate and exalt the music in its form? Were they too preoccupied with being disgruntled, using him as their scapegoat for maintaining the dissonant tone the band consistently preferred?  >>>Click here to read full article

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Bert and Ernie’s Struggle For Equal Rights

bertanderniemarriedparadeUniversally beloved couple, Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, have come forward to talk to the press about the recent developments in the controversial political arena of gay rights and gay marriage. Both actors are most well-known on the television show “Sesame Street”, filmed on location at 123 Sesame Street in New York, New York, where Bert and Ernie share a basement apartment together in real life. We’ve watched them stay together through almost everything, battling their very different points of view and venting their frustrations at one another. The one thing that never changes is their affection for one another. Their relationship has remained strong for close to 40 years now, though for quite some time, representatives of the show denied that there was any intimate involvement between the two actors.  >>>Click here to read full article

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PTSD and Domestic Violence: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

cryingeye1The first, most important thing to know is: Are you in an abusive relationship? Many women who are in abusive relationships don’t realize what was going on until it is much too late. The most important step in getting out of an unhealthy relationship is to realize that you are in one in the first place. Women are convinced that the problems in the relationship are their fault; the relationship has been constructed that way by their abuser, in order to justify his actions so that he can continue his behavior without it being questioned. An abuser will convince you that you “have it coming”, and that he is only REACTING to your “bad attitude” or your “bad behavior” out of hurt, frustration or anger. It is YOUR fault that he acts the way he does… nothing could be further from the truth. But before you can get out of an abusive relationship, you have to realize that it is an abusive, unhealthy relationship in the first place. This is the most important step. >>>Click here to read full article

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